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The 6 best Kodi alternatives to use in 2022

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Kodi is a well-known streaming media tool that provides tons of features and ideally supports an unlimited number of add-ons and dozens of builds. This platform allows you to watch movies, sports, TV shows, live TV, and even play mini-games. The best part regarding this platform is that it is open-source and comes with the option of allowing you to add different third-party add-ons.

To a great extent, Kodi is a great app, so discussing its alternatives does not come easy, but if you are looking for one for whatever reason, here are the best alternatives.

Best Kodi alternatives to use in 2022

1. Stremio



Informative home screen, unique dashboard, and an attractive UI. These are the top-notch features that perfectly describe Stremio. It is one of the few media platforms that could ideally seek the same prize as Kodi. This cross-platform media service allows you to stream movies, shows, live tv, and much more. It also can compete with Netflix, HBO, Roku, and GO. This service offers high-quality content and supports Kodi-like add-ons and video streaming. However, compared to Kodi, you cannot install add-ons locally on Stremio. Instead, the stremio add-ons have to be linked online.

One of the main reasons some users prefer Stremio to Kodi is that when you watch stuff like movies on this platform, your preferences are noted. Most of the time, you will be given akin suggestions, making your selection easier.

So if you have this software installed, you need not go to sites like YouTube, Netflix, Twitchtv, or any other video-related platform to watch your cherished video, web series, or TV shows. Besides video content management, this software also provides all the basic and advanced features, just like Kodi and other look-alike media players.

Some of the excellent features offered by Stremio comprise advanced viewing options that notify you upon arrival of new episodes, video recommendation, easy and intuitive interface, not forgetting dynamic media library organization, among others.

Cons: Cannot be expanded through third-party add-ons in terms of core functionalities.

Pros: An intuitive UI, plays online media, helpful updates that are regular, integrated plenty of media file types.

2. Plex



Plex is the XStream alternative to Kodi that is available both for the free and paid version. The paid-for version has enhanced features and packages, while the free version only gives the basic features. The first and probably the main reason for opting for this software is the list of features. So, in case you are there looking for a Kodi alternative that is rich in features and has an intuitive design, then Plex should be the best choice for you.

Plex boasts features that include parental control, support for peripheral devices, multiple add-ons, sophisticated file management system, multiple file type support, offline file syncing ability, among many that we cannot afford all mention in this short piece of introduction.

Furthermore, this software is dependable and secure to a great extent. Besides the security feature, Plex gives you the flexibility to stream your media contents from one device to multiple devices altogether. Unlimited storage limit, effective file management, remote control access, numerous add-ons like news, and many others are in the list of this software’s features you can imagine.

Plex supports multiple official and unofficial plugins, well-known as Plex channels. These channels are pretty comparable to Kodi add-ons; however, channels are installed on the server and made available to all the connected clients. The unofficial channels allow you to watch unlimited movies, live TV, shows, e.t.c.

Plex’s paid version goes for $4.99 that is payable each month. The paid version offers added advantages like media download, mobile sync, DVR, auto-photo-tagging, Live TV, client device, and a lot more. This is one Kodi alternative that you should give a try.

Cons: The initial setup might be confusing due to limited user interface customizability.

Pros: Excellent platform compatibility, intuitive UI, increased number of freshly released features; includes free live TV, supports podcasts, and can be used free of charge.

3. Emby




Emby is an application akin to Kodi with parental controls. And just like plex, Emby also offers a client-server design that allows you to access your media from any client device of your preference. Plex media service and Emby share some resemblance. Essentially, they both provide access to the server media via any client. More so, both are also supported on an extensive range of devices.

This software has a simple and easy-to-use UI that makes it more user-friendly for any user, even newbies. The user-friendly nature allows you to navigate the software without any hitches easily. Besides that, Emby also enables you to manage and organize your personal media. This service is backed by a very significant and fantastic community ready at your disposal to aid and answer your queries at any given time.

Like Kodi and Plex, Emby does not give any content; instead, it acts as an aggregator that obtains the contents from several other sources. It also supports multiple unofficial and official plugins that, in turn, offer you access to a broad range of online media files. Just like Plex, Emby also gives users an option of premium subscription for users who would love to gain access to special features like DVDR, mobile sync, cover art, offline media, and a lot more.

Cons: You need to purchase to unlock all of its features due to its small userbase.

Pros: Can integrate with Kodi for a more effortless switch. It is open-source, supports plugins, and has parental controls available free of charge.

4. Media portal


media portal

media portal

Media portal is simply another open-source media center worth giving a shot at. This software lets you record live TV and play media files from DVDs, hard drives, and Blu-Rays. It is considered one of the top Kodi alternatives for users with basic hardware machines. As such, it is fair to say the Media portal is not demanding software as it works fine on basic hardware because some media players demand your computer to reach specific system requirements for it to function as intended but thank God the Media portal isn’t one of them.

Besides this, the media portal gives you the flexibility to watch your best-loved movies, live TV,  weather check, music, record live sessions, check the news, listen to the radio, and a lot more. Moreover, it comes with many add-ons and plugins, making it one convenient media tool available. Apart from the given flexibilities, the Media Portal allows you to stream your media files from your mobile and computer to any other device interlinked with your home network.

Cons: It is only available on Windows and is not frequently updated.

Pros: Excellent for former Media Center users on Windows, handy for the content organization on a library locally, has a modern interface, and comes free of charge.

5. Universal Media Server



Of late, the UMS media player has found its way to our best Kodi alternatives list. Many criteriums have made us list it among the top 6 media players. Predominantly, let us begin with the software’s interface. Universal media server features an intuitive and easy-to-use web interface that supports devices that are even without DLNA support.

Besides all the features that other media on this list have, the Universal media server provides unique and exciting features. One such feature is the Automatic bitrate adjustment, an excellent feature for users encountering slow internet. When your network speed is slow, this media service spontaneously changes the video bitrate to help balance and ensure that you don’t face any slow network-related inconveniences in any way.

That aside, instant browsing, auto plugin download and install, archive support, DVD support, auto maximum quality, high-quality video thumbnails, and iTunes support, among others, are some of the significant features offered by this media player.

The Universal media server offers you instantaneous access to your media files, unlike other media players. On the other side, other media players scan all your files and folders before providing access to the needed file, which is, in one way or the other inconvenient to other users and confusing at the same time.

Furthermore, UMS shows extensive support for subtitles, albeit your video and audio file lacks it. And the exciting part is that this player is free to use. As such, it is entirely true to say you can use UMS without paying anything.

Cons: Limited platform compatibility hence can be confusing for newbies.

Pros: It can be expanded via extensions; it is open-source, excellent for advanced users, free of charge, and is highly useful.




Open Source Media Center, popularly known as OSMC, is a free and open-source media center that allows you to easily manage your movies, tv shows, music, and many others. One thing that especially newbies find challenging with Kodi is the complexity of its interface. So, suppose you have been searching for a Kodi substitute that will offer you the same functionality as Kodi but with a simplified interface. In that case, we suggest you give OSMC a shot as it is a no-brainer media player based on Kodi’s model.

OSMC ships with a minimalistic interface that offers an improved version of Kodi’s front-end to several gadgets like Apple TV and the pi machine by default. It also provides support for several Wi-Fi adapters and TV tuners. Some of this software’s notable features include live TV, local media streaming, TV tuner support, and the exciting part is that it well functions with nearly all Kodi-add-ons.

With OSMC, you frequently receive free updates. It feels and looks great because it is created to be more than just an ordinary media center – it is an experience. The web-based user interface and support for desktop environments indicate that the platform is here to stay—lastly, OSMC ships with support for 4K video, 10-bit torrent, and HD audio.

Cons: Not that wide in platform compatibility.

Pros: Superbly polished interface, lightweight in terms of performance, highly suitable for pi machine setups, and free of charge.

What you should look for in a Kodi Alternative

This article is here to help you approach your exploration for a Kodi substitute in the best way possible. Below are some key features and choices to look at:

Maintenance and updates: As much as Kodi, its alternatives are also developed by independent DevOps and volunteers (in some instances). As such, you can expect time to time updates, which don’t usually appear per a predefined schedule. It would be paramount if you opted for an alternative that supports maintenance and updates for the smooth functioning of the software.

Online Services Integration: Here is where we come to the most significant limitation of Kodi alternatives. They ideally lack a rich library of unofficial and official add-ons. Nevertheless, some of them combine with third-party services, allowing you to easily import cloud libraries, access media streaming platforms, and a lot more.

Platform/Device compatibility: This is one of the best achievements of Kodi as it can ideally be used on just about any device. There is no true alternative here that runs on all platforms as Kodi does. This, for that reason, means that you need to be keen and think about the devices you want your new home theatre software to cover and begin from that point.

Media files organization and playback: One of the critical reasons backing Kodi’s popularity levels is its ability to import and store a media library. Everybody would want a surrogate that offers support for music, videos, and photos; While permitting you to sort and filter those files.

Final Thoughts

And that is it; this is where we close down our guide to the best Kodi alternatives in 2022. We have highlighted for you the six best Kodi alternatives worth trying. We also covered their pros and cons in the list and finally took you through some of the things to look for in Kodi alternatives. We believe this article was informative enough for you, and in case you have any recommendations for us, we would gladly love to hear them! So feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.

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