Have you ever wished to build executable files and quickly ship them to your users? Wouldn’t it be an achievement if your users could run your application without installing anything? Of course, it is, and that is a dream that many developers wish to fulfill. One way to get there is using Pyinstaller in the Python ecosystem.

  • Log2Ram is a program beneficial for the Raspberry Pi to resolve a problem that most of us don’t know about, but eventually, most of us will suffer from. Log2Ram is a program that writes all the logs in the RAM instead of the SD card. We need to dissect this sentence:

  • The Raspberry Pi is a great little productivity machine, and often, the focus of the users is on programming. However, good news hit the userbase earlier this year when it was announced that Microsoft Visual Studio Code was coming to Raspberry Pi OS. Visual Studio Code is one of the most used code editors used worldwide, and it coming to our favorite single-board computer makes things that much more fun.

  • Sometimes instead of using your Raspberry Pi directly, you might need to use it remotely through another PC. Many programs enable you to do just that very easily. One of the most popular programs is PuTTY, and we will show you how to use it today.

  • Nowadays, digital technology influences even the most minor details of our lives and has become a part of our day-to-day activities. Devices like laptops, phones, smart devices (like fridges, TVs, lightbulbs, coffee makers, security gadgets), and much more now have access to our networks (wired or wireless). However, that also raises another issue – Network Security and Reliability of these devices.

  • Several keyboards with new features are now emerging and made available for use in the market. At some point, it has created a healthy competition in the market, but how will you know which is the best one for you as there are too many options to choose from, making it challenging to select one that satisfies your requirements. If you have been in this dilemma for a while, then it is time to redeem yourself since this article will help you out with the Best keyboard for Raspberry Pi to make it easier to choose.

  • Raspberry Pi machine is an affordable mini PC board the size of a credit card. The small size is one of the most significant reasons people fall in love with this superb machine. Are you looking for a machine to help in sorting electronics, robotics, and maker-like projects? If yes, then Raspberry Pi is the best shot for you.

  • Raspberry Pi is a tiny, affordable, credit-card-sized computer that can cost less than most video games.  Besides being a small-sized computer,  the PC can be used to code, build robotics, and create all types of peculiar and beautiful projects. The Raspberry Pi can carry out all the stuff you would expect from a computer, like literally everything, from browsing the internet and playing games to watching and listening to movies and music, respectively. However, the Raspberry Pi is much more than a modernized computer.

  • Kubernetes is a known enterprise-grade orchestration system container designed to be cloud-native from the start. It has matured into the de-facto cloud container manifesto, continuing to develop as it has embraced innovative technologies, such as server-less computing and container-native virtualization.

  • Since the first Raspberry Pi release, these small board computers (SBCs) only supported booting from SD card or Micro SD card until the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B release. That opened a whole new world of possibilities that you could do with the Raspberry. But, unfortunately, not many people are aware of this feature or even utilizing it.

  • ScummVM is a prevalent word among gamers preferring to Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion Virtual Machine. The software contains custom-coded remakes of several game engines. Initially, the utility was designed to play LucasArts Adventure games that use the SCUMM system. However, with upgrades made to the system, the software supports various non-SCumm games companies, such as The Revolution Software and Adventure Soft.

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