While several playback problems happen from network instability or typical buffering slowdowns, the software generally becomes too slow for reliable use. When such a situation occurs, it may be time to empty the cache. Like Android phones or tablets, clearing cache in this software is not an operation you must complete frequently. Nevertheless, this process aids in fixing minor issues on interface and playback functionality.

  • What can you achieve with your Pi machine, you might ask? The answer is that only your imagination is the limit. The good news with this machine is that you can use it wherever you are without necessarily having your Raspberry Pi machine physically with you via VNC Connect. This, therefore, means that you can take control over your Raspberry Pi from another device. The software is free for non-commercial usage; it only needs to be enabled.

  • The Raspberry Pi machine is one of the top-grade and low-budget single-board PCs. If you are a tech fanatic, it opens the door for almost everything, from building a simple, smart security camera to a solar-powered Pi and game console. With that being said, you require a separate monitor or display unit to set up the Raspberry Pi, which appends to the total cost.

  • Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) is a program that enables individuals to donate spare computing power to Science project that requires massive computational resources with the goal of Curing diseases, studying global climate change, discovering pulsars, finding more efficient energy cells, analyzing radio signals, searching for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence and many other types of scientific research.

  • In this article, we will journey you through an overview of the Raspberry Pi board and Asus Tinker Board, and then we will delve deeper into the main differences. Then we will steer you toward which board is better for your projects and other stuff as an add-on.

  • One of the most-known use cases of a Raspberry Pi is gaming. Many users, probably including you, must have initially purchased the Raspberry Pi to install Retro-pie or a substitute to play old console games on it. However, you need not struggle anymore; here are the best classic games for you without needing an emulator. Earlier, some of us thought the Raspberry Pi machine was only meant for learning programming and building projects.

  • Pop!_OS is a standalone operating system for STEM and innovative professionals who utilize their PC as a tool to discover and learn. It is a free and non-proprietary Linux distro based on Ubuntu, featuring a custom GNOME desktop environment. This distro was made available by American Linux computer manufacturer System76.

  • Ideally, an EmulationStation is the official graphical frontend of the RetroPie project. Most people often confuse whether an EmulationStation is an emulator or not. Get it right today; an EmulationStation is not an emulator; instead, it is an enhanced polished game launcher that comprises of:

  • AnyDesk is a closed-source remote desktop application made available by AnyDesk Software GmbH(Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung). This ideal software offers platform independent remote access to personal computers and other interlinked devices running the host application. However, some internet scammers often use this app to control their victim’s computer over the net, which is one of the app’s wrong usage.

  • Have you ever wished to build executable files and quickly ship them to your users? Wouldn’t it be an achievement if your users could run your application without installing anything? Of course, it is, and that is a dream that many developers wish to fulfill. One way to get there is using Pyinstaller in the Python ecosystem.

  • Log2Ram is a program beneficial for the Raspberry Pi to resolve a problem that most of us don’t know about, but eventually, most of us will suffer from. Log2Ram is a program that writes all the logs in the RAM instead of the SD card. We need to dissect this sentence:

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